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  Customized development means Toyou will design the game’s software according to the user’s requirements. The develop-process should follow the software engineering specification, propose various plans and ideas for new games, and also analyze the feasibility. Before encoding the game program , the systematic summary design and detailed design are necessary. After encoded, test the software repeatedly to ensure the stable performance. Train the relevant persons about the operating process once delivered and provide routine maintenance and function expansion during the software’s normal operation.     



Unique content

Customized games features distinctive, are customized models, designed and developed based entirely on specific needs.

Strong pertinence

The development of each game software must be analyzed systematically in detail. Provide the most suitable game program for different users. During the software programming process, the customers new ideas could be added into the program, thereby improve the game’s experience values greatly.

Easy to use

Toyou adopts All-In-One Device integrated with Projector, Kinect, motherboard and graphics card make it easy to install and save cost&time&space. Also more stable system performance.

Customers just need to acquire the basic computer operating knowledge, then they can control the software freely without any complex training. 

Considerate service

Toyou will solve on site if there are any problems during the customized software operating. We can also do some small adjustment regarding to the software in commissioning stage. Even we can help to handle the using failure caused by the non-customized software.


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