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Interactive slide game-Colorful Slide
Interactive slide game-Colorful Slide
Product Introduction

This game adopts interactive projection technology, the projector casts the games pictures on the slide and then uses the dynamic capture technology to achieve a real time interaction between human body and dynamic pictures on the slide. Once the kids touch the pictures with their bodies, a variety of fantastic effects will appear. With vivid audio effect, the slide is colorful and full of magic. Creative and novel multiplayer interactive games add infinite dynamic charm based on the traditional slide.  


Once the kids touch the pictures with their bodies, a variety of fantastic effects will appear, which bring exciting interactive experiences to kids. The magnificent pictures and vivid audio make it more attractive. Different game scenes would be switched randomly as per the time setting in system. 

Application Area

For Kids Center, Children’s Paradise, Naughty Castle, Park, Parent-Child interaction zone and  shopping mall etc. multimedia interactive places

Product Composition

Product  compositionAIO Device+Game Software


Benefits for Children
1.Cultivate the kids’ thinking ability, improve their reaction speed and coordination ability of hands, eyes and brain.
2.Increase the interaction between kids and train the kids’ communication ability.
3.Encouragements and Praises during the interactive games will bring strong accomplishment and increase the kids’ confidence. 

Product Features
1. Simple, high interactive. A dynamic interactive game special for kids.

Create magic interactive slide based on traditional slide. Increase more entertainments of Naughty Castle and using value of the


3.Multiplayer games. Welcome to join to play at anytime.
4.Interaction helps to increase communication between parents and children.
5.More than 20 effects supplied freely with various, interesting and puzzle games.
6.All In One machine integrated with Projector, Kinect, motherboard and graphics card make it easy to install and save cost&time&space. Also more stable system performance. 

Product Advantages

Novel and unique game forms, high technology games bring more attraction, improve the value and competitiveness of 

children’s playground.

2.Save more spaces and cost if set up the interactive spaces based on existing slides.
3.As a multi-player game, it can can attract and accommodate more kids.
4.The game updates regularly and scenes keep increasing.
5.High performance with more than 20 game effects.


Effect-picture on site




Installation Drawing
Selected case
Hedong District, Tianjin
Tianjin Wanda-Plaza Chlidren’s Playground has introduced Toyou interactive slide game-Colorful Slide.
Happy Valley, in Xinjiang
Happy Valley in Xinjiang has introduced Toyou interactive slide game-Colorful Slide.
Haikou City, Hainan Province
Wanda Baby-King Children’s Playground Center in Haikou has introduced Toyou interactive slide game-Colorful Slide, based on traditional slide.
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