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Parent-child Interaction Pavilion

Games included: Interactive AR, Magic Ball, Fantasy Beach, Pen Graffiti, Cool Zone


Parent-child Interaction Pavilion adopts high-tech video motion capture technology and advanced interactive projection technology to achieve a specialized parent-child interaction experience pavilion integrated with various interaction games. In the pavilion, many games can cast player’s motion in real time, players can interact with the virtual elements through simple body movements to win the game, and obtain corresponding scores as reward.  Static-dynamic game-matches help to make time for player to play and rest.

As a Parent-child Interaction Pavilion, it is designed specially for family entertainment. All the games can support more players to join in, it can cultivate tacit cooperation between parents and children during enjoying the games. Encouragement and Praises during the interactive games will bring strong accomplishment and increase kids’ confidence.

Selected case
Dalian City, Liaoning Province
The Chlidren’s Playground of Dalian Metropolis Shopping Mall has introduced Toyou interactive sandpool game-Fantasy Beach.
Sanming City, Fujian Province
The Baby-King Chlidren’s Playground of Wanda Plaza in Sanming has introduced Toyou interactive slide game-Colorful Slide.
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