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Interactive Sand-pool Game-Fantasy Beach
Interactive Sand-pool Game-Fantasy Beach
Product Introduction

This game is an experiential interactive game combining real sand pool and multimedia interaction technology together to achieve a virtual scene.This game contains 2 style: one is recognize the games elements for moving them, another one is through the level of difference, with the heap and dig way to achieve the interactive effect. First one include four games “Fishing Baby” , “Home Go Go Go!”,”Environmental pioneer” and “animal feeder”; second one include two games “Red VS Blue” and “Little Commander-Border”.  Six games create a variety of beautiful scenes, the kids enjoy it with big fun.


Recognition Series: “Fishing Baby” , “Home Go Go Go!”,”Environmental pioneer” and “animal feeder”, through recognizing the game elements, and move them with drops;

Level Series: “Red VS Blue” and “Little Commander-Border”, through the difference of level to achieve the interactive effect. Kids can build barracks or turrets by dredging or heaping to increase battle-strength, get the final victory after attacking the opposite camp.

Application Area

For Kids Center, Children’s Paradise, Naughty Castle, Park, Parent-Child interaction zone and  shopping mall etc. multimedia interactive places.

Product Composition

Product  compositionAIO Device+Game Software


Benefits for Children
Cultivate kids thinking ability, improve response speed and improve hand, eye and brain coordination.
Games help to train kids’ patience and practical ability, keep a good mind.
Kids participate in the game together, strengthen kids communication skills, cultivate awareness of unity and cooperation, work together.
4.Encouragements and Praises during the interactive games will bring strong accomplishment and increase the kids’confidence.

Product Features
Simple, high interactive. A dynamic interactive game special for kids.
Bring kids fantastic interactive experience, kids can touch the virtual scenes directly.
Help to increase communication between parents and children.
Multi-player games. Welcome to join to play at anytime.  

All in one machine integrated with Projector, Kinect, motherboard and graphics card make it easy to install 

and save cost&time&space. Also more stable system performance.

Product Advantages

Novel and unique game forms bring more attraction, improve the value and competitiveness of children’s 



Improve the traditional sand pool, add more interaction and entertainment and enhance the using value of 

sand pool.

More than 3 scenes supplied freely with various, interesting and puzzle games. The game updates regularly and scenes keep increasing.
Could be interspersed in the activities and it will enhance the publicity and competitiveness of the Childrens’ Playground.
As a multi-player game, it can can attract and accommodate more kids.


Effect-picture on site




Installation Drawing
Selected case
Hedong District, Tianjin
Tianjin Wanda-Plaza Chlidren’s Playground has introduced Toyou interactive slide game-Colorful Slide.
Happy Valley, in Xinjiang
Happy Valley in Xinjiang has introduced Toyou interactive slide game-Colorful Slide.
Haikou City, Hainan Province
Wanda Baby-King Children’s Playground Center in Haikou has introduced Toyou interactive slide game-Colorful Slide, based on traditional slide.
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