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Dalian Toyou Technology Co., Ltd has attended AAA Fair from 8th to 11th March 2017 in Guangzhou.

This time, besides of the original game, Pen Graffiti , Colorful Slide, Toyou has also displayed our latest two games, one is RED VS BLUE, it’s a new effect of original Fantasy Beach game. Another one is Super Chieckie Adventure in Pyramid, a new effect of original Magic Wall game.



There would be two camps, Red and Blue, divided from the middle line. At beginning, each side has a base camp and 2 settled super barracks. Kids will dig out gold coins, diamonds etc. items and heap sand to build turrets.

Once the game starts, both camps would dispatch soldiers automatically and move to opposite camp, attack opposite soldiers, then keep advancing and attacking to destroy the opposite base camp. Diamonds are helpful to upgrade base camp and with gold coins, more barracks or turrets could be built. In the meanwhile, cages missiles, guidance and accelerating props would be also digged out ( use automatically) to help attack or defend. This game adopts accumulated scores system, final victory depends on the quantity of eliminated soldiers, barracks or turrets. 

This game helps to set up the kid’s awareness of team work, bring more interaction and communication between kids. In the meanwhile, it cultivate logical thinking and tactics consciousness.


Super Chieckie Adventure in Pyramid

Dynamic, 3D, Depth, Scene Driven! Mummies rage all over the world suddenly, by predicting human learned that Pharaoh would be resurgent to destroy the world. Super To prevent the evil Pharaoh’s resurrection, super Chickie will lead the kids to break into the pyramid. Eliminate the little mummies on the way to the Pharaoh’s tomb and battle with the final Boss. Come on to save the world! Supper Chickie, be brave! Let’s fight and wipe out the evil mummies together, protect our beautiful earth!  



These two games attracts many customers worldwide to stay in our booth and want to learn more them. They showed their strong interests in Toyou Interactive projection technology and Toyou products. Also many kids play directly in our booth.

Through this AAA fair, Toyou promoted our brand and products, also explored many potential customers from all over the world. 


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